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  • 0 to 30V DC voltage range
  • 0 to 24mA DC current range
  • 0.03%RD accuracy (ADT209)
  • 0.01%RD accuracy (ADT210)
  • Simultaneously mA and % span display
  • Auto step, auto ramp, span step functions
  • NIST-traceable certificate
  • HART 250Ω resistor in series with 24V loop

What's in the Box

  • Test lead set
  • Alligator clips (2)
  • Manual
  • One 9V alkaline battery


The Additel 209 / 210 series loop calibrators combine ease of use and functionality, making them the ideal tools to troubleshoot your process loop. The ADT209 has an accuracy of 0.03% of reading where as the ADT210 holds an accuracy of 0.01% of reading. If you want to source, simulate, or simply measure, the Additel Loop calibrator series will fit your need.

The ADT209 and ADT210 measure current, voltage, or a switch. You can also simulate or source mA or a process transmitter. With a push of a button, you can switch to zero and span values, auto ramp, and auto step throughout the range. Each loop calibrator has a large, easy to read screen that simultaneously displays the measurement with the % of span.