• True RMS professional clamp meters
  • DC voltage measurements to 600 V with ±1.0% accuracy
  • AC voltage measurements to 600 V with ±1.0% accuracy
  • Clamp-On AC current measurements to 400 A with up to ±1.8% accuracy
  • Frequency, resistance capacitance, diode (CM44 and CM46) measurements
  • Type K thermocouple measurements from -40 to 400˚C (CM44 and CM46)
  • Accu-Tip enables more accurate amperage measurements on smaller-gauged wires
  • Large, bright backlit display makes readings easy to see
  • Built to accept up to a 30mm max conductor
  • Electrical field detection determines if voltage is present and the relative strength of the field for safety
  • MAX/MIN/AVG recording, and frequency and diode measurement
  • Data hold, zero function, and low pass filter for voltage measurement
  • Durable to withstand a 1 meter drop, and operates at -10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)
  • Tough, over-molded, easy-to-grip design and slim, portable size
  • CAT IV: 300V / CAT III 600V rated


The FLIR CM4X Series Clamp Meter Family includes three professional and affordable True RMS meters designed for commercial and residential electricians. The CM42 AC clamp meter, the CM44 AC clamp meter with Type K thermocouple, and the CM46 AC/DC clamp meter with Type K thermocouple are all designed to meet your unique needs. Choose a clamp meter based on the features you demand. Whether you need a professional True RMS clamp meter with a built-in non-contact voltage detector or require the ability to take thermocouple measurements with additional features like Zero mode and DC µA function, the CM4X family has a meter for you.

The FLIR CM4X Series clamp meters are rated for 600 V and 400 A with a basic accuracy of ±1.0% for voltage and up to ±1.8% for amperage. Accu-Tip technology gives you highly accurate amperage measurements to a tenth of a digit on small-gauged wires. Each meter features VFD mode, MAX/MIN/AVG recording, frequency and diode measurement, data hold, low pass filter for voltage measurement, and more.

CM4X meters feature large, bright backlit displays so readings are always easy to see. Each meter can operate at temperatures as low as 14°F or as high as 122°F. Made with an over-molded, easy-to-grip design, the CM4X series meters are durable enough to withstand a two-meter drop, and the slim form factor is convenient to carry in your toolbag anywhere you go.

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