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  • View thermal & thermocouple data simultaneously
  • Performs 18 measurement functions
    • True RMS, VFD mode, LoZ, NCV, & more
  • AC/DC volts: 1000V at ±1% accuracy
  • AC/DC amps: 10.00A at ±1.5% accuracy
  • 19,200 pixel (160 x 120) resolution thermal imager
    • 14 to 302°F (-10 to 150°C)
    • 3°C or 3.5% temperature accuracy
    • ≤150mK sensitivity
    • 4 Presets with custom adjustment emissivity
    • FOV (w x h): 46° x 35°
    • Fixed focus
  • Bluetooth connectivity & onboard storage
  • 2.8 in TFT display screen, laser pointer, & LED worklights
  • Drop-tested &IP rated for splash & water resistance
  • NIST certificate available
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What's in the Box

  • Type K thermocouple
  • Silicone test leads
  • CAT IV insulated alligator probes
  • Test lead storage/tripod accessory
  • 4 AAA batteries and Documentation


The FLIR DM285 imaging multimeter is a professional, all-in-one True RMS digital multimeter and thermal imager that can show you exactly where an electrical problem is in order to speed up troubleshooting. Featuring Infrared Guided Measurement technology, the DM285 visually guides you to the precise location of an electrical problem, helping you pinpoint hot spots faster and more efficiently. This meter enables you to scan panels, connectors, and wires without requiring any direct contact — so you can do your job from a safe distance. Verify and confirm findings with advanced contact measurement features to help solve the most complex electrical issues. Ideal for field electronics, commercial electric, light industrial, field service, and HVAC work.

The DM285 features 18 measurement functions including True RMS, LoZ, and NCV, you can verify potential issues with trusted readings every time – even for the most complex measurements. The DM285 has a range of 1000VAC/DC at ±1% accuracy and 10.00 amps at ±1.5% accuracy. The meter also includes a thermocouple input and allows you to view thermal and electrical measurements simultaneously.

The FLIR DM285 includes a thermal imaging function that provides 19,200 pixel (160 x 120) resolution over a temperature range of 14°F to 302°F (-10°C to 150°C) with ±3°C or ±3.5% accuracy. Built-in worklights and a laser pointer help you access difficult locations with lighting issues and pinpoint the location of the problem in the thermal image. The simple user interface is intuitive to use and the thermal camera features 3 color palettes to choose from.

The DM285 features Bluetooth connectivity and on board storage, and is available with a NIST certificate.


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