• True megohmmeter
  • 100V Insulation and Multi-Function Tester
  • Resistance, Capacitance, Continuity, Frequency, Voltage and Line Length tests
  • 50V and 100V Insulation Test Voltages
  • 20GΩ Max Insulation Resistance
  • DAR and PI ratios calculated
  • Timed test mode
  • True RMS AC/DC Voltmeter up to 700V
  • Auto discharge after Insulation Test
  • Hold function to "freeze" readings
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The AEMC Model 6532 100V Megohmmeter is a handheld, battery powered, multi-function 100V digital insulation resistance tester. It is designed to measure insulation resistance, continuity, resistance, capacitance, frequency, voltage and line length. With a safety rating of 600V CAT IV and IP54, the Model 6526 performs insulation resistance at 50 and 100V measuring insulation values up to 20GΩ. Meter also incorporates a 700V AC & DC True RMS voltmeter and continuity testing with a selectable 20mA or 200mA test current.The Model 6532 includes a Timer and Lock function which allows the user to operate the unit hands free.

Automatic safety check protects user and meter with audiovisual signals and test inhibition when greater than 25V is present on test sample. DAR, PI, Alarms and a Cable Length function are standard.Large digital/analog multi-function display provides clear and easy readings enhanced by a bright blue electroluminescent backlight. A magnetic stand holds the meter to a metal surface or cabinet during the test.Optional Remote Test Probe accessory with flashlight simplifies repetitive testing and helps access hard-to-reach, poorly lit, test areas. With the possibility to save up to 1300 tests in memory and Bluetooth communication with DataView software, the Model 6532 is the best tool for testing low voltage cable such as Telecom cable.

Applications for the Model 6532 include:

  • Insulation measurement on communication cables, Ethernet cables and other low voltage AC and DC wiring
  • Insulation measurement on electronic components and circuits
  • Special applications in the aerospace and defense sectors where specified test voltages are required
  • Cables, small motors, pumps, transformers and industrial equipment


This product can be used in the following applications: