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  • 3-port isolation as standard
  • Highest module/channel packing densities
  • Low power dissipation
  • Quick install and release mechanism
  • Multi-channel I/O modules
  • Broken line and earth-fault protection
  • Compatible with preceding MTL isolator series for pluggable replacements
  • Various models assessed for use in Functional Safety applications
The MTL4500 intrinsically safe isolators are the direct replacement for the MTL4000 series isolators.


The MTL4500 series intrinsically safe isolators are backplane mounting, high efficiency isolating interfaces with system vendors in mind. The MTL4500 series is the latest generation of IS interfaces which utilize an innovative "One-Core" technology to ensure the highest quality and availability while maintaining maximum flexibility at lowest cost. Incorporating advanced circuit design, a common set of components and innovative isolating transformer construction, they achieve a significant reduction in power consumption while increasing channel packing densities.

The backplane mounting MTL4500 Series is designed with system vendors in mind for "project-focused" applications such as Distributed Control System (DCS), Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD) and Fire and Gas monitoring (F&G).

The reduced power consumption and high efficiency of the MTL4500 enable high signal density to be achieved together with improved freedom in cabinet layout and design. Easy integration with the input/output assemblies of control or safety instrumentation systems not only simplifies project engineering but also reduces installation and maintenance costs. A multiway connector to the backplane provides safe-area and power supply connections, while hazardous-area connections plug into the front of the module, simplifying installation and maintenance and reducing time, cost, and the risk of errors.

Status LEDs, configuration switches and ports are located on the top or side of individual MTL4500 modules, as appropriate, for easy access. In addition to their use in IS circuits, specific MTL4500 models have been assessed and approved for use in Functional Safety applications. These have been verified under the certified Functional Safety Management (FSM) program implemented by MT