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  • High-precision Platform Tiltmeter
  • Model A601-2A (High-gain):
    • ±200 radians (±0.0115°)
    • ±2000 μradians (±0.115°)
  • Model A601-2B (Mid-Range):
    • ±400 μradians (±0.0235°)
    • ±4000 μradians (±0.235°)
  • Micrometer adjustment design
  • Output: ±8VDC (single ended), ±16VDC (differential)
  • Channels: X-tilt, Y-tilt, temperature
  • Easy installation on any horizontal surface

The Jewell Instruments A601-2 Platform Tiltmeter is designed for high precision tilt measurements. The A601-2 comes with a built in micrometer leveling legs, for easy installation on any horizontal surface. The A601-2 also includes two switchable gains and two low-pass filter settings. Using an absolute gravity referenced electrolytic sensor, the A601-2 delivers ultra-high sensitivity to less than 25 nrad with virtually zero long-term drift. Output is a stable ±8 DC voltage (±16 VDC differential). Rugged, reliable, and extremely accurate, the A601-2 is the preferred choice for volcano monitoring, high-precision geotechnical engineering, bridge deflection monitoring, precision metrology, radar platform leveling, and high-accuracy tilt monitoring applications worldwide.