Michell Instruments HygroCal100 Humidity Calibrator
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  • RH range: 5 to 95%
  • RH stability: ±0.5%
  • Lightweight and completely self-contained
  • 4.3in color LCD with touchscreen
  • ±0.8% accuracy
  • Interchangeable sensor
  • 2GB internal memory
  • 8 probe ports
  • Calibrate 7 probes simultaneously
  • Automated calibration procedures

The Michell Instruments HygroCal100 Humidity Calibrator provides a stable test chamber to evaluate the performance of relative humidity sensors across a wide range of 5 to 95% relative humidity. The intuitive design allows the probes under test to be fully integrated with the chamber and user interface (UI), so up to 7 probes with a variety of diameters and output signals can be powered, monitored and logged simultaneously by one self-contained unit.

A 4.3 inch LCD touch-screen runs a powerful UI, which displays all measured values from the reference and probes under test, along with a graphical trend indication of chamber stability. It is also capable of automating complete calibration procedures with ease, and providing a complete logged output in csv format straight to your USB memory device, to minimize the time you spend taking readings.

Applications for the HygroCal100 include:

  • Calibration of RH probes at pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities
  • Calibration of RH probes at meteorological offices
  • Calibration of RH probes in food manufacturing
Michell Instruments HC100-TC Spare Carry Case
Spare carry case for the HygroCal100
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Michell Instruments Hygrosmart Cable Connector
Hygrosmart Cable Connector for the HygroCal100
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