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  • Up to 48 channels
  • True universal inputs
  • 12.1 inch TFT touch screen with 1024x768 resolution
  • 11 digit totalizer included with all models
  • 100 millisecond sample rate & data logging
  • 256MB internal flash memory
  • 16GB removable SD card
  • USB slot for external storage
  • High accuracy 24-bit A-D Analog Input
  • Plug & play I/O cards AI, AO, DI, DO for easy expansion
  • Front panel is IP65 rated and rear is IP20 rated
  • Convenient shutdown switch located inside front door
  • CE & RoHS listed
  • 2 year warranty


The SixthSense PG30 paperless recorder is designed with a full range of outstanding specifications and features making it a highly capable quality assurance instrument that can record all kinds of industrial signals such as temperature, pressure, flow, humidity, and display those values on a large TFT touchscreen display. Data can also be stored internally or externally and be sent to other devices via Ethernet, RS-485, 422, 232 communication, or wireless Ethernet device PC-W.

The SixthSense PG30 includes a 12.1 inch TFT touchscreen display and is available with up to 48 channels making it an ideal solution for sophisticated application. A range of plug & play I/O cards (AI, AO, DI, DO) are available for easy expansion.

The SixthSense PG30 paperless recorder includes basic configuration and historical trend software which can be upgraded to Data Acquisition Studio software for complete data analysis. The firmware can also be upgraded to include math functions, external channels, custom display, batch, and FDA 21 CFR part 11.


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