• Object temperature range:
    • –4 to 302°F (–20 to 150°C)
    • 32 to 932°F (0 to 500°C)
  • ±7.2°F (±4°C) or ±4% of reading accuracy
  • 160 × 120 pixel resolution
  • 47° × 31.5° field of view
  • 7.5–13μm spectral range
  • 3-inch backlit LCD display, 320 × 240 pixels
  • Image modes (switchable using FLIR Tools software)
    • TI Basic fire-fighting mode
    • Black-and-white fire-fighting mode
    • Fire mode
    • Search-and-rescue mode
    • Heat detection mode (default)
  • USB Micro-B interface
  • Operating temperature ranges:
    • –20°C to +55°C (–4°F to +131°F)
    • +85°C (+185°F): 15 minutes
    • +150°C (+302°F): 10 minutes
    • +260°C (+500°F): 3 minutes
  • Survives 2m (6.6ft) drop on concrete floor
    • IEC 60068-2-31
  • IP67 rated housing
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What's in the Box

  • Batteries (2 ea.)
  • Battery charger
  • Lanyard strap
  • Power supply
  • Printed documentation
  • USB cable
  • User documentation on CD-ROM


The FLIR K2 is a rugged, reliable, and extremely economical thermal imaging camera that is specially designed for firefighting applications and severe conditions. Producing thermal images at 160 x 120 pixel resolution displayed on a bright 3" screen, the K2 helps firefighters find their way through thick smoke, find stranded victims faster under the murkiest conditions, scan for hotspots during overhaul, assess situations with confidence, and expedite decisions.

The FLIR K2 can be set to one of five different imaging modes depending on the primary use of the unit. Modes can be changed using the FLIR Tools software program. The K2 uses FLIR's patented MSX technology that etches key details from the built-in visible light camera onto the thermal image, helping firefighters identify structures and surroundings without compromising temperature data.

The FLIR K2 is compact and lightweight and can be easily attached to SCBA gear. An intuitive user interface lets firefighters focus on the job at hand. And a single large button makes the camera simple to activate even with heavy gloves on. Engineered to survive tough operating conditions, the K2 withstands a 2-meter drop onto concrete, is water resistant (IP67) and is fully operational up to +260°C / +500°F (for up to 3 minutes).

The K2's economical price makes powerful thermal imaging more accessible to more firefighters – a small investment that can help pay big dividends when it comes to safety, saving lives, and protecting property.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Increasing Safety for Firefighters

The Background: Our customer is a small fire department looking for multiple thermal imagers to help them during search and rescue operations, as a means of assessing fire conditions prior to entering to burning building, and as a way to identify hot spots once the fire has been extinguished.

The Problem: As a small department, they have a limited budget which makes it harder for them to purchase the multiple units they feel is necessary to keep their personnel safe. Additionally, the units need to be able to capably handle the extreme conditions to which they will be subjected when in use.

The Solution: The Flir K2 thermal imaging camera is the most economical solution on the market that meets NFPA 1801 specifications for firefighting applications. It can withstand temperatures to 500°F and has been drop tested to ensure it is capable of handling rugged conditions.