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  • Convenient 19 inch rack configuration
  • Calibrated range: 0 to 5000 ppm
  • Lower detection level: 5 ppm (50 ppm For CO2 applications)
  • Dew/frost point: -85.9 to 27.3°F (-65.5° to –2.6°C) frost point @ STP of 25°C, 14.696 psia
  • Absolute humidity: 0.24 to 237 (3.8 to 3,803 mg/m3) lbs/MMSCF
  • Accuracy: +2% of reading or 4 ppm (+3% of reading or 5 ppm for CO2 applications)
  • Repeatability: ±2 ppm
  • Calibration certification: NIST or equivalent NMI traceable certification
  • Under 2 second response time
  • Operating sample cell pressure: 69 to 172 Kpa (10 to 25 psia)
  • Process pressure: 102 psig (0.69MPa)
  • Flowrate sample cell flowrate: 10 to 60 SLH (0.4 to 2 SCFH ); 30 SLH (1 SCFH) nominal
  • Backlit LCD display with alphanumeric status and diagnostic display
  • Three programmable simultaneous parameters.
  • Three 0/4-20 mA DC (source) outputs with 500 ohm load. User programmable for any parameter and scalable. Complies with NAMUR protocol for analog signals.
  • Loop powered 4-20 mA input for remote pressure transmitter
  • Two programmable digital communications ports RS232, RS485 with multidrop capability and assignable address, MODBUS RTU protocol
  • Capable of multiple calibration curves for different process
  • AuroraView intuitive software package
  • IP54 rated enclosure


The Panametrics Aurora 19 moisture analyzer is conveniently packaged into a 19-inch rack mount configuration. Using tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) to accurately measure moisture in a variety of background gases, the Aurora 19 analyzer is suitable for installation in safe areas and operates over a wide range of environmental conditions. Aurora 19's fast response immediately alerts when moisture concentrations are out of compliance; once corrected, gas can be quickly cleared for process normalization.

The Panametrics Aurora 19 has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to learn, configure and operate. Aurora 19 analyzers are always ready for immediate moisture measurement. With power and gas lines easily connected, the Aurora 19 moisture analyzer provides a wide range of reliable measurement with accuracy and fast response you need for immediate alerts to process upsets or out-of-compliance moisture concentrations.

The Aurora 19 moisture analyzer is built for reliability even in the harshest of elements: extreme heat, frigid cold and high humidity. Since the measurement is made without a wetted sensor, there is no requirement for recalibration. The Aurora 19 is not subject to drift, so there is no need for external reference gas, or costly purifiers to provide process baseline gas.