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  • For use with all non-corrosive gases
  • Measuring ranges:
    • 0 to 2 hPa, 2 to +17.5 m/s, 395 to 3445 fpm
    • 0 to 20 hPa, 5 to +55 m/s, 985 to 10830 fpm
    • 0 to 200 hPa, 0 to +100 m/s, 1970 to 19690 fpm
    • 0 to 2000 hPa (without flow velocity and Pascal measurement)
  • Accuracy: 0.5% of fsv across all ranges
  • 8 pressure units can be selected: kPa, hPa, Pa, mm H2O, mmHg, psi, inch H2O, inch Hg
  • 2 flow velocity units can be selected: m/s, fpm
  • Integrated tightness compensation
  • Illuminated 2-line LCD display
  • Max./min. as well as Hold-function
  • Printout of measurement values incl. date/time and min/max values
  • 9V block battery, 6F22

What's in the Box

  • Battery
  • Calibration protocol


The Testo 512 digital manometer provides simultaneous pressure and flow measurements in one compact, versatile instrument. The 512 offers eight different units of pressure can be selected: psi, inches H20, inches Hg, kPa, hPa, Pa, mH20 and mHg; as well as two user-switchable units of flow: feet per minute (fpm) and meters per second (m/s). All readings are clearly visible on the large, easily legible, illuminated display.

The versatile Testo 512 provides smoothing between 1 and 20 display refreshes (0.5 sec) yielding a sliding mean reading. Density compensation is built-in. A separate HOLD-MIN-MAX button freezes readings and displays both flow and pressure extremes.

Optional accessories for the Testo 512 digital manometer include the Testo IR printer for on-site documentation of all measurements by date and time, plus the clear TopSafe for protection against dirt, moisture and impact.