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  • For use with all non-corrosive gases
  • Measuring ranges:
    • 0 to 2 hPa, 2 to +17.5 m/s, 395 to 3445 fpm
    • 0 to 20 hPa, 5 to +55 m/s, 985 to 10830 fpm
    • 0 to 200 hPa, 0 to +100 m/s, 1970 to 19690 fpm
    • 0 to 2000 hPa (without flow velocity and Pascal measurement)
  • Accuracy: 0.5% of fsv across all ranges
  • 8 pressure units can be selected: kPa, hPa, Pa, mm H2O, mmHg, psi, inch H2O, inch Hg
  • 2 flow velocity units can be selected: m/s, fpm
  • Integrated tightness compensation
  • Illuminated 2-line LCD display
  • Max./min. as well as Hold-function
  • Printout of measurement values incl. date/time and min/max values
  • 9V block battery, 6F22

What's in the Box

  • Battery
  • Calibration protocol

The Testo 512 digital manometer provides simultaneous pressure and flow measurements in one compact, versatile instrument. The 512 offers eight different units of pressure can be selected: psi, inches H20, inches Hg, kPa, hPa, Pa, mH20 and mHg; as well as two user-switchable units of flow: feet per minute (fpm) and meters per second (m/s). All readings are clearly visible on the large, easily legible, illuminated display.

The versatile Testo 512 provides smoothing between 1 and 20 display refreshes (0.5 sec) yielding a sliding mean reading. Density compensation is built-in. A separate HOLD-MIN-MAX button freezes readings and displays both flow and pressure extremes.

Optional accessories for the Testo 512 digital manometer include the Testo IR printer for on-site documentation of all measurements by date and time, plus the clear TopSafe for protection against dirt, moisture and impact.


Testo Infrared Printer
Testo printer with wireless IRDA and infrared interface
Testo Thermal Printer Paper
Thermal paper for Testo Infrared printer
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Testo TopSafe Protective Case
Indestructible protection case protects from impact


Please consider these optional accessories.

Testo Pitot Tube
Pitot tubes for 510/511/512 digital manometers
Testo Silicone Hose
16' silicone hose for pressure measurement