• Measures O2, CO, and calculated CO2
  • Digital manometer for stack draft & differential pressure
  • Dual channel digital thermometer
  • Field replaceable, pre-calibrated sensors
  • Simple operation via color touch screen
  • Fuel types include
    • Natural gas, liquid gas, oil light, pellets, wood, coal
  • Internal memory for up to 1,000 data sets
  • IR, USB, SD card, and Bluetooth outputs

What's in the Box

  • 10in flue gas probe
  • 5ft silicone sampling line
  • High capacity lithium-ion battery
  • 100 to 240V battery charger
  • USB cable
  • 4GB SD card


The MRU AMPRO 1000 combustion analyzer is a combustion and efficiency analyzer in one with an integrated ambient air tester. It can measure oxygen, carbon monoxide, combustion air temperature, stack gas temperature, stack draft, differential pressure, and differential temperature. With those measurements it can calculate carbon dioxide, CO/CO2 ratio, dew point, excess air and air ratio, combustion efficiency, and heat losses. The electrochemical cells for O2 and CO are suitable for control and setup of all kinds of gas burners, condensing boilers, oil, biomass burners, and more.

Readings can be stored to internal memory or SD card, transferred via USB to PC, transferred via Bluetooth to the MRU4U app (available for iOS or Android) to your smartphone or tablet, or printed out on-site with the optional IR printer.

The AMPRO 1000 features an intuitive software menu and bright, color touch screen to guide you through all measuring programs, making it easy to use and the MSM (MRU Sensor Management) technology field replaceable sensors are pre-calibrated, making service simple.