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  • Required PPT modules ordered separately
    • Pressure or temperature
    • Modules are then permanently installed into unit
  • 12 standard user selectable units & 1 custom value
    • PSI, inH2O, inHg, ftSW, BAR, mBAR, kPa, MPa, mmHg, cmH2O, mmH2O, kg/cm2
    • Custom value programmed by user
    • Factory sets custom value for a fee
  • 110VAC/60Hz A/C adapter
  • Accuracies of ±0.1, ±0.05, or ±0.025% of span
  • ±0.002% of span max resolution
  • NIST traceable certification


The Ashcroft PT-1 digital indicator is made for calibration or test and measurement applications requiring highly accurate secondary transfer standards.

Each PT indicator provides the ability to select any of twelve factory programmed engineering units, monitor and display minimum and maximum pressure values, program damping, tare out displayed measurement values, and communicate over the standard RS232 interface. In addition to a broad variety of pressure ranges and types, the PT indicator can be supplied with temperature input modules.

These modules provide compatibility with platinum RTD Pt100 or Pt1000 probes. The modules accommodate 2, 3, and 4 wire configurations. All these capabilities are accessible through easy-to-follow keypad functions as well as over the RS232 interface.