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  • Digitally-controlled positioner system
  • Factory designed mounting
  • Direct 4-20 mA signal input: integral I/P
  • Characterizable
  • Air lock upon loss of plant air supply
  • Reverse or direct acting
  • ValveLink diagnostics


The Rosemount Analytical PowerVUE Retrofit Kit includes all mounting brackets, hardware, and pneumatic tubing needed to upgrade an existing Hagan Pneumatic Power Positioner. No drilling or tapping of holes is required. (The positioning system mounts directly to the frame, eliminating the need for connecting linkages.)

An existing Hagan torque-type power positioner can be retrofitted with the PowerVUE system in a few hours. The PowerVUE system eliminates most maintenance requirements associated with mechanical "force balance" positioning systems, based on pilot valves.

Note: Retrofit kits are not offered for the Hagan thrust-type units, or the Econotorque Models.