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  • 0.015% of reading uncertainty
  • Barometric range: 8 to 17psi (~560 to 1170mbar)
    • Alternate range: 17 to 34inHgA @ 0°C
  • Dynamic temperature compensation from 0 to 50°C
  • RS-232 Communications
  • 17 selectable pressure units and 1 user-defined
  • Display of Max & Min readings, Null capability
  • CE compliant


The CPG2300 Portable Barometer is a special version of the CPG2300 Portable Digital Pressure Gauge. This single channel barometric version contains a sensor with a range of 8 to 17 psia and an accuracy of 0.015% of reading. If an additional sensor range is required the standard CPG2300 Potable Digital Pressure gauge can be supplied. The barometer range can be specified in inches of mercury, mbar or kPa. or any of the 17 other units of measure available within the CPG2300.

The CPG2300 Portable Barometer is used in diverse applications from rugged field calibration of barometers to testing and calibration in clean rooms, nuclear power plants, weather stations, for medical radiation devices, and the manufacture of health care and pharmaceutical products. The CPG2300 fits applications that require a high degree of accuracy. It is used wherever there is a need for a high level of accuracy in a handheld barometer.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Monitoring Barometric Pressure in a Calibration Lab

The Background: The customer, a metrology lab, needs to monitor the barometric pressure as it can influence the accuracy of sensitive calibrators.

The Problem: The lab requires highly accurate barometric pressure readings in order to calculate the impact of barometric pressure on calibration results. As the lab has multiple rooms, they desired a portable instrument as a cost effective solution that can be used when and where necessary.

The Solution: The CPG2300 is an excellent portable solution for monitoring barometric pressure in lab and clean room environments. The CPG2300 includes an A2LA accredited certificate which many labs need to have in order to maintain ISO 17025 compliance.

Testing Positive Air Pressure In Nuclear Power Plant Control Room

The Background: Our customer is a nuclear power plant that needs a highly accurate pressure measurement solution to monitor the positive air pressure inside the control room of the power plant.

The Problem: Federal regulations require control rooms at nuclear plants to have positive pressure to prevent chlorine gas, which is used to treat water in the circulating cooling system of the plant, from seeping into the control room and incapacitating the plant operators. To ensure adequate positive pressure, a highly accurate pressure sensor is required.

The Solution: We recommended the Mensor CPG2300 barometer which provides the high accuracy, low pressure ranges, ease-of-use, and handheld versatility needs for this application.