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  • Piezoresistive sensor technology
  • Ranges
    • 0-50 inH2O to 0-400 inH2O
    • 0-5 psi to 0-400 psi
  • Accuracy up to 0.125% BFSL
  • Temperature compensated from 32 to 122˚F
  • Multiple voltage or current output options
  • G 1/2B process connection with removable protective cap
  • Vented polyurethane or FEP cable
  • Stainless steel body with Hastelloy C4 available for aggressive media
  • 2004/108/EEC, EN 61 326 Emission (Group 1, Class B) and Immunity (industrial locations)
  • Rated IP 68 for permanent submersion
  • Cable supports over 220 pounds of strain
  • Optional lightning protection
  • Optional temperature measurement


The WIKA LH-10 pressure transmitter is a high performance instrument designed for reliable performance in a wide variety of level measurement applications. It is especially well-suited for level measurement in water and wastewater plants, wells, holding tanks, wet cells and rivers.

The LH-10 is available in ranges from 0-50 inH2O to 0-400 inH2O or 0-5 psi to 0-400 psi. All units have an accuracy of up to 0.125% BFSL and are temperature compensated from 32 to 122˚F. The rugged stainless steel body of the LH-10 is rated IP 68 for permanent submersion. Hastelloy C4 is available for applications involving aggressive media. The watertight vented cable can withstand over 220 pounds of strain allowing the transmitter to be supported without any additional cabling.

The WIKA LH-10 pressure transmitter is available with 4 to 20 mA (2-wire). 0 to 20 mA (3-wire), 0 to 10 V (3-wire), 0 to 5 V (3-wire), or 0.5 to 2.5 V (3-wire) output options. Other options include lightning protection, FEP cable and a Pt100 RTD probe for temperature measurement.