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  • Continuous loop-powered 4-20mA operation
  • Remote DIN Rail mounted transmitter, up to 1000ft away
  • Hermetically sealed, vibration resistant construction
  • 1/2" NPT thread standard
  • Internal probe PFA clad or Stainless 316 bare
  • Probe lengths up to 36 inch maximum
  • Cable extension or M12 connector
  • Accuracy 1% of span for same dielectric
  • Cable lengths up to 999 ft maximum


The Intempco Model LTX60 Level Transmitter are one of the most compact, vibration resistant RF level transmitters ever made available to the industry. They feature one-piece tubular design, welded 3/4" NPT fitting and a concentric internal PFA clad probe. Remote electronics are potted into the tube portion above the fitting. DIN Rail mounted transmitter can be installed up to a 1000 feet away from the process where calibration can be performed. The microprocessor-based electronics convert frequency change, detected by the probe, into a linear, highly accurate 4-20 mA signal. This compact design makes installation and setup a simple task. The advanced signal conditioning circuitry greatly minimizes the adverse affects of poor dialectric and material coating on the probe.

LTX60 RF transmitters can be used in metallic and non-metallic tanks, stationary or mobile equipment. Ideal for small tanks of all types, they can be used in virtually any liquid, conductive or non-conductive. One ideal application is measuremnt of fuel and oil level of tanks in mobile equipment. Compact, rugged and hermetically sealed construction of LTX60 series sensors cannot be beat in performance.

Applications for the LTX60 include:

  • Diesel fuels, other fuels and oils in metallic or non-metallic tanks
  • Water based liquids in metallic or non-metallic tanks
  • Acids compatible with Stainless 316 and PFA Teflon in metallic or non-metallic tanks
  • MEK and other solvents
  • Chemical holding tanks, metallic or non-metallic
  • Measurement of liquid levels in mobile equipment
  • On-site calibration may be required
  • Not recommended where material dielectric varies due to change of temperature or pressure


Here's how some of our customers use this product...

High-Temperature Continuous Liquid Level Monitoring

The Background: Our customer is an engineering firm designing an industrial pumping station for their customer. They seek a level transmitter for their design.

The Problem: Their design includes a collection vessel into which fluid from minor seal leaks enter. They require a level detector which will activate a pump when the fluid reaches midpoint. The fluid can reach temperatures to 400°F and the level transmitter must be compatible with those temperatures.

The Solution: We recommended the Intempco Model LTX60 Level Transmitter which is compatible with the fluid used and can handle the temperatures to which it will be exposed.