• Accuracy: ±0.01°C over full range
  • Resolution: 0.001°C
  • Range: -200°C +850°C
  • Stability: <0.005°C per year
  • Common inputs for both "SMART" and passive connectors
  • Single or differential measurement
  • Galvanically isolated RS232 interface as standard
  • ITS90, EN60751 and CvD temperature conversion
  • Clear vacuum fluorescent display in °C, °F, K plus channel selected
  • Self calibrating against traceable external reference


The ASL F200 precision thermometer is a high performance 2 or 8-channel digital thermometer for calibrated and uncalibrated Pt100 probes. The ASL F200 precision thermometer offers great new features for increased usability and lower life-costs.

Using calibrated probes with ASL F200 precision thermometer, you choose between storing calibration data into memory in the instrument or into the probe's proprietary "SMART" connector. Calibration data stays permanently with the probe in this connector, which the ASL F200 precision thermometer instantly recognizes, ensuring fool proof measurement. Better yet, the ASL "SMART" connectors use the ASL standard 5-pin DIN connector, so you can mix "SMART" and passive connectors on the same input.

Until now, calibration meant losing your instrument to a calibration lab, costing time and money. Not anymore. We send you a traceably calibrated device ("TCD") to connect to ASL F200 precision thermometer and, using a built-in program, the ASL F200 precision thermometer will calibrate itself. You don't need to use a calibration laboratory, saving you both time and money.

Other exciting new features have been included with the ASL F200 precision thermometer, like the "Probe Temperature Watchdog" and the "Calibration Status Monitor". Calibrated probes should be used within their calibration temperature limits, outside these and the probe calibration may have been compromised. The "Probe Temperature Watchdog" keeps you informed.