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Measurement modules and/or probes are not included. They must be purchased separately as accessories.


  • Quickly recognizes various wired or wireless probes and modules - eliminates need to have many test instruments on hand, reducing time to complete job
  • Easy navigation through 4 menus via directional arrow buttons and 3 soft keys
  • Large color display can operate in 4 process reading modes
  • Rugged housing combed with protective caps enable units to withstand abuse in dusty environments.
  • Integral strap clips allow units to be secured during testing with included hand strap to a belt, pipe, ladder, etc. providing hands free operation
  • LED status light transmits visual feedback when unit’s long lasting lithium battery is being charged by the USB connection. Also indicates when a data point is stored
  • Manual or automatic data logging modes include several adjustable parameters that enable the user to obtain readings in a multitude of potential test scenarios
  • Internal memory or expanded memory with portable SD card provides ample data logging capacity. Data is transferable via the USB connection or by removing the SD card and inserting into compatible SD card device

What's in the Box

  • Hand strap (UHH-STRAP)
  • Dual USB wall or auto charger with international adapters (UHH-ICHRG)
  • 3.2 ft (1 m) USB cable (UHH-CBL)
  • Soft carrying case (UHH-C1)

The Dwyer UHH universal handheld test instrument is a highly versatile instrument that offers the utmost flexibility and ease of user operation by having the capacity to work with a variety of Dwyer sensing modules and probes. Additional wired and wireless probes or modules are instantly recognized by the UHH without any user reprogramming or alteration, allowing seamless sensor addition, upgrade or replacement. This flexibility allows the UHH to perform an incredibly wide variety of test measurements.

The Universal Handheld offers a slew of features that enable a technician to quickly set up and intuitively navigate through their daily activities. Data is stored via the internal memory or separate SD card in various auto or manual logging operations. Logged files can be quickly transferred to a device through a USB cable or by a portable SD card. The display can operate in standard numerical meter mode, gauge mode with analog needle, gauge mode with additional pass/fail operation zones, and strip chart mode which enables a simplified visual tracking of the process. The four directional buttons, combined with the three soft key buttons aligning to corresponding screen functions, allow for quick navigation through the four main operation menus. The rugged plastic case with protective thermo-plastic over-mold, along with the dust-shielding rubber caps, permit the unit to handle abuse and properly withstand dusty environments. The base UHH includes an integral molded compartment that securely holds wireless modules.

The storage compartment offers convenient transportation of a module with the base instrument during testing. A flexible hand strap included with every UHH provides means for the base handheld to be safely connected to a belt, pipe, ladder or similar structure freeing the user's hands to focus on the sampling test. A 6-pin connector enables one wired probe at a time to be plugged in to the base instrument without worry of becoming disconnected during sampling. The rechargeable battery via the included USB cable provides long term operation to last through several days work. At just under 10 oz, the compact UHH base is lightweight. Included with the UHH is a soft carrying case which secures the provided accessories and added test probe.


Dwyer AP1 Thermo-Anemometer Probe
Wired probe measures air velocity, flow and temperature
Dwyer AP2 Thermo-Anemometer Probe
Wireless probe measures air velocity, flow and temperature
Dwyer RP1 Thermo-Hygrometer Probe
Wired probe measures humidity, temperature, dew point, & wet bulb temperatures
Dwyer RP2 Thermo-Hygrometer Probe
Wireless probe measures humidity, temperature, dew point, & wet bulb temperatures
Dwyer VP1  Thermo-Anemometer Probe
Wired vane probe measures air velocity, flow, humidity, & temperature
Dwyer VP2 Thermo-Anemometer Probe
Wireless vane probe measures air velocity, flow, humidity, & temperature
Dwyer WDPM Differential Pressure Modules
Wireless pressure modules measure differential pressure, air velocity & flow


Dwyer USB Cable
3.2 ft (1 m) USB cable


Dwyer USB Dual Power Charger
Featues a robust charging capacity of 1.5 amps and two USB ports to simultaneously charge of two devices at once
Dwyer USB Charger
Dual USB wall or auto charger with international adapters


Dwyer UHH-C2 Hard Case
Heavy duty hard case with pre-cut foam inserts for additional sensors
Dwyer UHH-C1 Soft Carrying Case
Soft carrying case