GPI Conditioned Signal Output Module



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  • Provides two digital signals: Open Collector or 6-volt Square Wave and can communicate with most process control devices
  • Operating temperature range of -40° F to +212° F (-40° C to +100° C)
  • Can be externally powered or battery powered
  • 3-wire connection
  • 10 feet of cable

This product is an accessory for the following products:

GPI A1 Turbine Flow Meter
Flow range from 0.3 to 300 GPM (formerly known as the RG45-A)
GPI G2 Turbine Flow Meter
Flow range from 1 to 10 up to 20 to 200 GPM (formerly known as the RG45-B)
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GPI TM Series Water Meter
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This module provides an unscaled, amplified, digital signal capable of transmission up to 5,000 feet. There is no need for additional signal conditioning or amplification devices to achieve the desired digital signal. Combine the Conditioned Signal Output Module with a GPI® Turbine Kit to create a low-cost flow sensor with digital signal output which interfaces with various counters, controllers and compatible process equipment. Comes with 10 ft. of cable.