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  • DCX-38 VG
  • Usually ships in 5-7 weeks



  • Pressure ranges:
    • 0 to 50 mbar (0 to 0.5 mWC)
    • 0 to 100 mbar (0 to 1 mWC)
    • 0 to 300 mbar (0 to 3 mWC)
  • RS 485 digital interface
  • Gold-plated ceramic diaphragm
  • 5m / 10m standard cable lengths (others upon request)
  • Temp range: (-10 to 40°C)
  • Designed for submersible deployment
  • Latest microprocessor technology electronics


The Keller DCX-38 VG Level Logger is an autonomous instrument for recording water level with a high resolution and full scale ranges as low as 0,5 mWC / 50 mbar. It features a rugged, gold-plated ceramic diaphragm for outstanding long-term stability and stainless steel housing with user serviceable battery for long service life.

The internal electronics of the DCX-38 VG employ the latest microprocessor technology, resulting in high accuracy and resolution for pressure measurements. The use of non-volatile memory for data storage ensures high data security.

The DCX-38 VG is based upon a relative pressure sensor and is designed for submersible deployment. Through the use of a vented cable, correction for atmospheric pressure variations is automatic. Therefore, the expense of deploying additional instruments for monitoring barometric pressure is avoided.