• Available in 4 measurement options
    • State, event, & pulse
    • Light On/Off
    • Motor On/Off
    • Occupancy
  • "Time-of-use" data loggers
  • 84k or 346k measurement capacity
  • LCD displays Time on or % on
  • Auto-calibration & signal strength indicator
  • Flexible logger Start and Stop options
  • Compatible with HOBOware & HOBOware Pro software
    • For logger setup, graphing and analysis
  • Operating temperature range: -4 to 158ºF (-20 to 70ºC)


The HOBO UX90 Series Data Loggers is the industry's lowest-cost, most comprehensive family of "time-of-use" data loggers. The new toolbox suite includes LCD display data loggers for measuring motor on/off status, electronic pulses, state changes, and occupancy and light-use patterns. Use rare-earth magnets, 3M Command Strips, or mounting tabs to affix to a surface reliably.

Leveraging patent-pending technology, HOBO UX90 data loggers streamline energy audits and make field deployment fast and reliable. Accompanying HOBOware software also reduces deployment time. Time-saving features allow HOBO UX90 users to batch-configure and readout hundreds of loggers in a fraction of the time. Additionally, the software features a Bulk Export Tool that allows users to export data files to text format for use in spreadsheets and other programs.


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Monitoring Motor Run Time

The Background: Our customer is a municipal swimming pool that needs to run the pump a specified amount of time each day. They require a method to monitor the motor run time of the pump to ensure they are meeting the time requirement.

The Problem: The pump has no additional contacts to provide input to a data logger to monitor the state of the motor.

The Solution: We recommended the HOBO UX90-004 which includes a built-in motor on/off sensor that detects the electromagnetic field of a motor as its running. By simply placing the UX90-004 in the vicinity of the pump motor it will recognize when the motor is running and log accordingly. This is a quick and easy way to monitor motor run time without the need to add contacts or additional wiring.

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