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  • DCX-16
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  • Stainless steel 16 mm in diameter housing
  • Ranges available 10, 20, 50 and 100 mWC
  • Sealed gauge and vented gauges available
  • Housing is protected by a breathable Gore-Tex membrane
  • Logs up to 57,000 measured values


The Keller DCX-16 Level Logger is an autonomous, battery powered instrument. It features a stainless steel 16 mm in diameter housing designed to record water depth (pressure) and temperature over long periods in applications where a more compact size is an advantage.

The electronics employ the latest microprocessor technology which give high accuracy and resolution for the pressure and temperature signals. The measured values are mathematically compensated for all linearity and temperature errors of the pressure sensors. The use of a non-volatile memory ensures high data security.

The sensor, electronics and battery are housed in a sealed stainless steel tube, for submersible deployment. For data read-out the DCX-16 must be recovered from the measurement point. The end cap is then removed to access the data port. The DCX-16 works with an absolute pressure sensor. In shallow water depths where the influence of barometric pressure changes should be considered, it is recommended that a second data logger (Baro) is placed at the surface, to record the barometric pressure. The PC then calculates the differential pressure resp. the water depth by subtracting the two measured values.

The interface housing is mounted at the top of the borehole to give easy access for data downloading, it is connected via a sealed cable to the electronics housing, which includes the electronic circuit and battery. Installation is quick and simple, using fixing devices in various sizes, suitable for cap lock units of different manufacturers and for well access points starting from 1" (caps starting at 2" include a hole to lower a dip meter). Thus, enabling measuring stations to be set up at considerably lower costs compared to conventional systems.