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  • 600Mz 32-bit RISC fanless processor
  • 128MB Flash, 128MB DRAM memory
  • TFT LCD touchscreen color display
  • Export to Excel compatible CSV files
  • Alarm & event e-mail notification
  • UL, IP65, RoHS, NEMA 4 (indoor only), CE


The Watlow Silver Series EM Operator Interface Terminal is available in 4.3, 7 and 10 inch diagonal display sizes and feature serial and Ethernet communications with multiple controllers, e-mail messaging, universal serial bus (USB host), data logging, flexible password security and multiple languages. The TFT LCD touchscreen color display allows for application specific interface design and easy viewing from a distance or angle.

With this OIT you can monitor your processes as well as store, export and exchange data. It has an internal piezoelectric buzzer for audible alarms and key chirp, but can also send email notification of alarms and events. With automatic date and time stamping of data, including alarms, it's easy to monitor, troubleshoot, and record the history of your processes and equipment. It will allow you to organize and prioritize alarms and events in up to 255 categories and 4 priority levels.