• Signal source and measurement functions
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • 0.001mA current resolution
  • Loop check function
  • Calibrator includes:
    • one pair of lead cables, battery & manual


The Yokogawa CA11E Voltage / Current Calibrator is capable of both signal source and measurement functions. These calibrators are great for use in the field because they are lightweight and highly portable; they are about the same size and weight as a hand-held digital multimeter. They are simple-to-use, equipped with a 7-segment LCD display with four up/down keys. The Optional accessories are available to keep your calibrator safe in the field; pick a hard case or a protective rubber boot, a strap, and an accessory case.

The Yokogawa CA11E has measurement ranges up to 30V DC for voltage and 24mA DC for current. It includes a number of advanced functions including a 24V DC (20mA) loop check function and a 20mA SINK function which absorbs the voltage supplied from an external power supply to its H terminal and simulates a two-wire transmitter making it ideal for loop checks.

Additionally, the CA11E has a 4-20mA and 1-5 VDC step-up/down function that allows output levels to be changed between 1↔2↔3↔4↔5V signals for the 1 to 5V DC output for efficient calibration work. It also includes a sweep function which increases and decreases the output level to the preset level at a constant rate for the selected sweep time (16 or 32 seconds). The sweep function and sweep time are set by the internal dip switch.