• 120° rotating optical block
  • Auto-focus and manual control
  • Remote control and streaming video via Wi-Fi
  • LCD touch-screen display
  • -40 to 1202°F (-40 to 650°C) temp range
  • ±2% accuracy
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What's in the Box

  • SD memory card
  • 100-260V AC adapter/charger
  • Two Li-Ion rechargeable batteries
  • Two bay battery charger
  • Power supply (with multi-plugs)
  • FLIR Tools software
  • USB cable
  • Video cable
  • Bluetooth headset
  • Lens cap
  • Neckstrap
  • Hard case


The FLIR T600 thermal imaging camera makes it easy to perform inspections at tough angles via it's rotating optics. It's Wi-Fi functionality allows you to control camera functions, stream video for live monitoring, and import images and data from the camera using the FLIR Tools Mobile app on your smartphone or tablets so you can share critical information quickly from the field. You can also wirelessly transmit vital diagnostic data from clamp and moisture meters directly to the camera for annotating thermal images to further support findings via METERLiNK.

The T600 offers a choice of imaging modes including MSX enhancement which provides multi-spectral dynamic imaging that adds visible spectrum definition to IR images in real time for excellent thermal detail to help you instantly recognize the problem locations. FLIR T-Series cameras offer both manual control and the fastest auto-focus in the industry to snap in ultimate clarity and accuracy.

Free camera operator training from an Instrumart thermography engineer with purchase of this thermal imager.


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