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  • High gain version range:
    • Low setting; ±0.46°
    • High setting; ±0.046°
  • Mid range version range:
    • Low setting; ±8°
    • High setting; ±0.8°
  • Floor and wall mounts available
  • Bolt or clamp to any surface
  • ±8 VDC (single-ended), ±16 VDC (differential) output
  • 0.5 inch (12.7 mm) diameter holes
  • Two switchable gains
  • Two low-pass filter settings


The Jewell Instruments A711-2 / A716-2 Tiltmeter are precision biaxial tiltmeters that bolt or clamp to any surface and are well suited for areas of heavy traffic or vibration. They are identical to the Model A701-2 PlatformTiltmeter, but have 0.5 inch (12.7mm) diameter holes in their three corners instead of adjustable legs. The holes fit over threaded stainless steel studs. The tiltmeter is double-nutted to the studs after they have been firmly anchored in the mounting surface.

The internal electronics of Models A711-2 and A716-2 will drive cable lengths of 1000m. These tiltmeters are widely used for structural monitoring, load testing, and precision alignment of antennae and machinery.