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  • Ranges: ±10°/±25°/±50°
  • Resolution: 0.005°/0.012°/0.025°
  • Output:
    • RS232; (tilt & temperature)
    • 0 to 4.75; VDC (tilt only)
  • Onboard electrolytic tilt sensor
  • No mechanical moving parts
  • Five user-programmable set points
  • Multi-featured inclinometer
  • Operating temp: -40 to 185°F (-40 to 85°C)


The Jewell Instruments MD908 IRIS Tilt Switch Controller enables the user to measure and respond to rotational movements in any direction with reference to the unchanging gravity vector. The IRIS helps to maintain platform levelness, avoid tipover condition, prevent out-of-range movement and for many other control requirements.

The MD908 IRIS detects angular position with an onboard electrolytic tilt sensor, which has no mechanical moving parts to break or wear out. The standard firmware includes five user-programmable set points for tilts in different directions. When a selected threshold is reached, the circuitry sets the output high on one of the pins in the H3 control connector. Three additional control outputs are available for firmware upgrades in custom applications.

The MD908 IRIS is also a multi-featured inclinometer, which contributes to its powerful control capabilities. Data sampling rates, which are also the threshold checking rates, are user- selectable, and inclination data in ASCII format can be continuously output to external devices. Firmware commands include averaging, autozero and other powerful functions.