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  • Ranges: ±10°/±25°/±50°
  • Resolution: 0.005°/0.01°/0.02°
  • 4-20 mA (2-wire current loop) output
  • No mechanical moving parts
  • Vertical and horizontal versions available
  • Measures temperature using a built-in thermistor


The Jewell Instruments C901/C902 Tulip 420 Inclinometers are compact and accurate instruments for measuring angular position where space is limited. Use them in pressure housings, well logging tools or on any machine or structure.

The Tulip's electrolytic tilt sensor has no mechanical moving parts to break or wear out, and it's gravity referenced. You can install the clinometer anywhere, without the need for levers or fixtures. The Tulip is current loop powered, so measurements can be made over long cable lengths using an economical 2-wire pair. Vertical and horizontal versions are both available, and the horizontal version measures either longitudinal or transverse rotation to give maximum flexibility when designing it into system.