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  • Detect movements smaller than 0.1 inch in 100 ft (0.1mm/meter)
  • Range:
    • Standard version; ±30°
    • High gain version; ±12°
  • Resolution:
    • Standard version; 0.02°
    • High gain version; 0.005°
  • 0.15 second time constant
  • Vertical or horizontal
  • Continuous record of ground displacement
  • Non corrodible polymer and fiberglass construction
  • Built with on-board electronics


The Jewell Instruments A906 Little Dipper Inclonimeter is an in-place inclinometer system for monitoring slopes, embankments, deep excavations, tunnels, tank foundations, retaining walls and other types of ground movement. Installed as a string of vertical or horizontal sensors inside inclinometer casing, or by direct burial, this instrument provides a continuous record of ground displacement. Fiberglass rods connect the sensors inside the casing, and fins or universal pivots couple the sensors to the casing walls. Little Dipper's on-board electronics accept a wide input voltage range and drive long cables without signal loss. The waterproof and non-corrodible ABS sensor housing also makes the Little Dipper a popular tool for underwater tilt measurements in shallow marine applications. Select analog voltage output (biaxial) or 4-20 mA output (uniaxial only).

Applications for the A906 Little Dipper include:

  • Monitor lateral movement of slopes, embankments, trenches and tunnel walls
  • Monitor ground settlement beneath tanks and fills
  • Monitor surface movements by direct burial in shallow boreholes
  • Cast Little Dippers in place to monitor structural deformation