Extech LRK15 Lighting Retrofit Kit
This product has been retired.



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  • Essential tools for energy saving consultants
  • The kit includes the LT300, DT200 and the 380940
  • The LT300 Light Meter Features:
    • Range; Up tp 20,000Fc/Lux
    • Accuracy; ±5% of reading
    • Resolution; 0.01Fc/Lux
    • Relative mode indicates change in light levels
  • The DT200 Laser Distance Meter features:
    • Range; 2 inches to 115 feet (0.05 to 35m)
    • Accuracy; 0.08 inches at 32 feet
    • Historical storage recalls the previous 10 records
    • Automatically calculates area and volume
  • The 380940 Watt Clamp Meter features:
    • 400A AC/DC & watt clamp-on
    • Measure watts, current and voltage
    • True RMS AC voltage and current
    • 0.9" (23mm) jaw opening

The Extech LRK15 Lighting Retrofit Kit is designed for professionals who routinely audit existing and replacement lighting systems for energy efficiency and lighting performance. LRK15 kit includes three compact tools that are indispensable at a customer site — plus a soft carrying case. The LRK15 includes the LT300 Light Meter, DT200 Laser Distance Meter and the 380940 Watt Clamp Meter.

The high resolution Extech LT300 light meter measures light intensity up to 20,000 Foot-candles or Lux. Utilizing a precision photo diode as well as cosine and color corrected measurements, the Extech LT300 light meter has a resolution of 0.01Fc/Lux with a standard accuracy of ±5% of reading.

The Extech DT200 Laser Distance Meter has a range up to 115 feet (35m) and is accurate to 0.08 inches at 32 feet. The Historical storage recalls the previous 10 records (measurements or calculated results). The DT200 automatically calculates area and volume. The continuous measurement function has min/max distance tracking updates every 5 seconds.

The Extech 380940 AC/DC watt clamp meter features a large LCD with a 40 segment bargraph for easy reading for watts, current, and voltage. Other features of the Extech 380940 AC/DC watt clamp meter also include data hold, max / min recall, auto zero (DC current), and low battery indication.