Watlow DIN-A-MITE Fuse Holders
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  • DIN rail mount
  • Lockout/tagout
  • Open fuse indication

This product is an accessory for the following products:

Watlow DIN-A-MITE Power Controller
Innovative power controller, available in 4 models, can handle loads up to 100 amps
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Watlow DIN-A-MITE fuses are recommended for solid state power controllers such as Watlow's DIN-A-MITE series to protect the power controller and ensure long life. These DIN-rail mount fuse holders and semiconductor fuses are available in various sizes to accommodate the entire DIN-A-MITE SCR power controller family and solid state relay products. The fuse holders feature lockout/tagout and open fuse indication.

Watlow DIN-A-MITE semiconductor fuses are required for SCR protection and to achieve Watlow SCCR ratings. Fuses should have an amperage rating at least 125 percent of the connected load (or the next standard size above). Select a fuse with an I2t rating not greater than the I2t rating of the solid state power controller. See the specification sheet for the power controller to be protected for I2t specification

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