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  • ASUS Transformer Book T100
    • 10.1 inch touch screen
    • Windows 8.1 operating system
    • Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi communications
    • 64GB memory and keyboard dock
  • DevCom2000 Mobile Software
    • DD and generic DD libraries included
    • HCF Release 2011 No. 3 library
    • 1 year free quarterly DD updates
  • Bluetooth HART Modem (HM-BT-BAT-ER)
    • Wireless communication up to 275ft (83.8m)
    • High security 128 bit encryption
    • HART 4, 5, 6, and 7
  • 1 Year warranty

What's in the Box

  • ASUS T100 tablet
  • DevCom2000 Communicator Software
  • HART DD library
  • Bluetooth HART Modem
  • Loop resistor 250 Ohm
  • Hard plastic case

The ProComSol Tablet HART Communicator Kit allows complete access to all features of the device DD including methods. View and edit device variables or monitor PV, multi-variables, and device status right from your tablet. It comes with all the latest registered DD's from the HART Foundation.

ProComSol DevCom2000 HART Communicator Software Applications:

  • Monitor PV
  • Monitor multi-variables
  • Monitor device status
  • Save complete device configuration to text file
  • Execute methods including trims, calibrations, loop tests, zero, and span


ProComSol DD Library Subscription
1 year of quarterly DD library updates for DevCom2000 or DevCom2000 Mobile
ProComSol HART Communicator Software Upgrade
Upgrade DevCom2000 or DevCom2000 Mobile to include latest features


Please consider these optional accessories.

ProComSol HART Bluetooth Modem
Configure, monitor, and document HART based instrumentation from up to 275ft
In Stock
ProComSol Bluetooth USB Adapter
Add reliable Bluetooth wireless communication up to 330 ft (100m) to your PC
In Stock
ProComSol HART Loop Resistor
250 Ohm HART Loop Resistor for HART Communications
ProComSol PS-24V Power Supply
24 VDC power supply to provide power to 2 wire HART instruments, alligator clips, 120 VAC input
In Stock
Adjustable nylon strap to hang the HM-BT-BAT-ER modem while connected to instrument
In Stock
ProComSol HM-RS232-ISO Isolated RS232 Modem
Connects your PC to your HART instruments for configuration and monitoring. Electrically isolated for enhanced safety and performance