• DevCom2000 Software
    • DD and generic DD libraries included
    • HCF Release 2018 No. 4
    • 1 year free quarterly DD updates
    • USB type A
    • 4ft(1.2m) cable length
    • HART 4, 5, 6, and 7
  • 1 Year warranty


The ProComSol PC HART Communicator Kit combines with your PC to perform complete HART device configurations using the registered DD files from the HART Communication Foundation. View and edit device variables or monitor PV, multi-variables, and device status right from your laptop PC. It comes with all the latest registered DD's from the HART Foundation.

ProComSol DevCom2000 HART Communicator Software Applications:

  • Monitor PV
  • Monitor multi-variables
  • Monitor device status
  • Save complete device configuration to text file and PDF
  • Execute methods including trims, calibrations, loop tests, zero, and span