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  • ±0.5g to ±20.0g full range
  • Filtering up to 200Hz bandwidth w/0.6 Damping
  • Satellite application reliability
  • Greater than 20 µg res @ 10g full scale
  • Operating tmemp: -67 to 203°F(-55 to 95°C)
  • Full Range Output (±1%) ±5.0V


The Jewell Instruments LSB Series Accelerometer is a general-purpose ±0.5G to ±20G device designed for industrial, commercial and aerospace sensing requirements.

The LS Series of linear accelerometers are solid-state, DC, closed-loop, force-balanced accelerometers with accuracy, stability and reliability several orders of magnitude greater than open-loop types. They are ideally suited to the precise requirements of inertial guidance and control systems. Linear acceleration applied and acting on unbalanced mass will develop a torque. By arranging the mass so that any resultant motion develops an electrical signal which his properly amplified and supplied to an electrical torque generator acting on the mass, equilibrium is produced between the two torquers.

Applications for the LSB Series Accelerometers include:

  • Radar leveling
  • Fire control
  • Attitude heading & reference systems
  • Missile orientation
  • Autopilot
  • Performance testing