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  • Input range ±200.0, ±500.0 and ±1000.0
  • ±5.0 full range output
  • ±15 Std Input Voltage
  • Aerospace quality / reliability
  • Operating temp: -67 to 203°F (-55 to 95°C)
  • Minimizes thermal errors


The Jewell Instruments ASM Series Angular Accelerometer are configured specifically to yield a combination of miniaturization, high accuracy, and ruggedness. The ASM Series has been designed to minimize thermal errors associated with outdoor applications. The Jewell ASM Series is the highest accuracy sensor of it's class in the world today.

All Jewell force-balanced (servo) precision accelerometers are fully self-contained. They connect to a DC power source and a readout or control device for a complete operating system. The output is a high-level DC signal proportional to acceleration and tilt angle sine from as little as ±0.010g to ±20g full range. Jewell precision accelerometers respond to change in velocity as small as 1µg.

Applications for the Jewell Instruments ASM Series Angular Accelerometer include:

    Fatigue monitoring Performance testing Flight control systems Automotive angular accelerometer testing