• Dynamic torque-vector control
  • Reduced motor instability at low speed
  • On-line tuning system
  • Environmentally-friendly features
  • Advanced, convenient features
  • Global communication
  • Intelligent keypad panel
  • Protective functions
  • Extensive options
  • Maintenance functions


The Fuji Electric FRENIC-5000G11S and FRENIC-5000P11S Inverters are the ideal combination of power and multiple-functions. The drives incorporate state-of-the-art technology with unyielding standards of quality and flexibility to meet the demands of both simple and complex industrial applications. Offering expanded power ratings and flexible configurations that support 1/4 up to 125 hp AC drive, variable frequency drive (VFD), v/ Hz vector drive applications, these inverters are designed for long lifecycles and improved maintenance functions. Dynamic torque-vector control promises optimum motor control under any operating conditions.

The Fuji Electric FRENIC-5000G11S and FRENIC-5000P11S have been developed to use with variety of 3-phase industrial motors by improving the basic performance, meeting the requirements for various applications, achieving lower maintenance and reducing environmental impact. The G11S isw designed for constant torque applications while the P11S is designed for variable torque applications. Both models are packed with features and offer simple, intuitive start up.

The Fuji Electric FRENIC-5000G11S and FRENIC-5000P11S are ideal solutions for low duty, medium duty or heavy duty applications in any variable torque or constant torque applications including belt conveyors, warehouse applications, winders, press machines, centrifugal separators and extruders.