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  • User-selectable ranges for ppm & percent oxygen
    • Up to 10,000ppm or 50%
  • Two-wire, loop-powered 4 to 20mA transmitter
  • ±1% of range accuracy at calibration point
  • Proven galvanic fuel cell O2 sensor technology
  • User-friendly, intuitive interface with diagnostics
  • 1/8in NPT process connection at inlet and outlet
  • Microprocessor-based, all-digital technology
  • Low maintenance, economical and compact
  • Sensor failure output error
  • Sensor lifetime indication
  • NAMUR error indication
  • Intrinsically safe options available
    • US/CAN Class 1, Div 1, Groups ABCD, T4; ATEX / IECEx Ex ia IIC Ga T4
    • Adds 3 to 4 weeks to lead time


The Panametrics oxy.IQ oxygen transmitter is a two-wire, loop-powered transmitter with a linearized 4 to 20 mA output. It measures oxygen in ten ppm ranges and seven percentage ranges. All ranges are user-selectable. This compact transmitter uses proven sensor technology to accurately measure O2 in a variety of gases, even in hazardous environments.

The rugged oxy.IQ is controlled by a microprocessor that enables the user to select the range, trim outputs and perform calibration. Programming is easily done using the keypad and display. The compact oxy.IQ is designed to fit easily into any installation site and can be installed right at the sampling point.

The oxy.IQ's oxygen sensor is an advanced galvanic fuel cell that provides superior performance, accuracy, stability and long life. The cell's innovative design eliminates the potential for negative signal output, reduces sources of contamination. The cell is unaffected by other background gases or hydrocarbons and some models are compatible with acid gases. Recovery from air at low ppm levels takes just a few minutes. Because the cell is self-contained, minimal maintenance is required. There is no electrolyte to change or electrodes to clean.

The Panametrics oxy.IQ is ideal for applications such as:

  • Glove box purge and leak detection
  • Natural gas
  • Semiconductor wafer machines
  • Coating process machines
  • Membrane air separators
  • Inert welding gases
  • Pure gaseous hydrocarbon streams
  • Process monitoring of gaseous monomers
  • Heat treating and bright annealing

The Panametrics oxy.IQ is also available with US/CAN Class 1, Div 1, Groups ABCD, T4; ATEX / IECEx Ex ia IIC Ga T4 intrinsically safe certification. This certification adds approximately 10 weeks to the lead time.

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