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  • Response times of 10 mSec
  • Temperature range:
    • 1M; 932 to 3,272°F (500 to 1,800°C)
    • 2M; 482 to 2,552°F (250 to 1,400°C)
  • 1.0 or 1.6 µm spectral response sensors
  • Standard laser target sighting
  • IP65 rated sensing heads
  • high resolution LCD display for easy set-up
  • high resolution 100:1 optics
  • User configurable analog outputs
  • Standard USB 2.0 digital interface for remote set-up
  • Datatemp multi-drop & field calibration software included
  • Automatic sensing head detection–plug and play
  • ATEX & IECEx-proof version optional
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The Raytek RAYMI3 High Temperature Sensing Heads are for use with the Raytek MI3 two-piece infrared temperature measurement system. The temperature ranges available are 932 to 3,272°F (500 to 1,800°C) and 482 to 2,552°F (250 to 1,400°C). The units have a distance to spot ratio of 100:1.

The Raytek MI3 is a powerful two-piece infrared temperature measurement system with miniature sensing head and separate communications electronics. The sensor is small enough to be installed just about anywhere, yet it outperforms much larger systems. Available in either a rugged cast metal electronics enclosure, an innovative multichannel DIN mountable enclosure, or low cost OEM configurations, the MI3 offers a host of advanced signal processing features you won't normally find in sensors costing much more.

The MI3 features a variety of sensing head options. High temperature sensors with a measurement range of 250°C to 1800°C (482°F to 3272°F), fast response (10 mSec), 1.0, 1.6 µm spectral response sensors and laser sighted 100:1 optics provide an impressive solution for your process needs. The rugged stainless steel sensing head ensures reliable long term performance in the harshest industrial environments. Although the MI3 sensor is small in size, it has all the performance you need for the most demanding applications.

Standard features include adjustable Emissivity, Peak Hold, Valley Hold, and Averaging functions. All sensor parameters are easily adjustable on the built-in user interface keypad, or remotely with the Windows 7 compatible DataTemp software via the built-in USB interface. Advanced features further extend the power of the MI3 and include user configurable alarm output, digital "recipe" table inputs that can be easily interfaced to an external control system, an external reset input for signal processing, and external inputs for analog emissivity adjustment or reflected energy compensation. Optional RS485, Modbus®, Profibus or Analog output network interfaces simplify intergration with a factory or machine control system.

The MI3's miniature size and low cost per measurement point make it ideal for installation at multiple points in your process. The MI3 is accurate, rugged, affordable, easy-to-install and operate. With the MI3, precision infrared temperature measurement is now an economical alternative.