• Tachometer
    • Laser sensor with reflective tape
    • 10cm to 2m nominal laser range
  • Maximum levels
    • >1000g (10,000m/s2)
    • >1000in/sec (25,000mm/s)
    • >100in (2500mm)
  • >95dB dynamic signal range
  • ±1% (0.1dB) accuracy
  • Acceleration, velocity or displacement amplitude scale
  • USB and Ethernet communications
  • CSA Class I, division 2 (groups A, B, C, D)
  • CE certification


The Bently Nevada vbBalancer Unbalance Correction Kit offers 10-hour battery life and 1 GB of internal memory ensure progress is uninterrupted, practically eliminating the need to pause in order to connect to a PC or power supply. It stores your previous balance run data, so no need to waste valuable time performing calibration runs on repetitive or routine balance jobs. The vbBalancer instruments also include a 5 year warranty on the instrument and free lifetime support.

Imbalance is computed quickly and the large backlit LCD display and user-friendly graphical interface indicate the angular position for weight correction.

The vbBalancer 2 channel instrument is easily carried on site to any problematic machine. It uses 2x BNC connectors and also supports contact and TTL pulse sensors.

The vbBalancer+ instrument enables full 4-sensor monitoring of both horizontal and vertical axes on each bearing. This ability provides confidence that a balance on any one axis has not worsened vibrations on the other. It uses BNC and LEMO connectors and also supports contact, TTL pulse amd Keyphasor sensor types.



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