Rosemount Analytical Model 3200HP pH Sensor
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  • ±0.05 pH accuracy
  • Less than 0.4 µS/cm conductivity range
  • 32 to 160°F (0 to 70°C) sample temp
  • 5 to 10 psig sample pressure
  • 1 to 3 gph sample flow rate
  • Electronic shielding of glass electrode
  • Integral solution ground
  • Exposed S.S. thermowell for fast temp response

The Rosemount Analytical model 3200HP pH sensor is designed for accurate measurement of pH in low conductivity, high purity (HP) water. Boilers, both industrial and in power plants, provide several points where low conductivity pH measurements are necessary. The key to an accurate measurement is a stable reference electrode that produces the same potential over many months of service whether in calibrating solutions or high purity water.

The 3200HP sensor is a panel mounted system consisting of an electrolyte reservoir, a flow cell, a combination pH, reference, temperature sensor with integral solution ground and a calibration cup holder. The flowing reference electrode uses a laser drilled capillary for the liquid junction and the pHaserTM reference junction.

The pHaser reference electrode is unaffected by the conductivity changes that occur when the sensor is moved between calibration buffers and low conductivity water; it continues to produce the same potential. The laser drilled capillary design is immune to drift caused by the long term plugging common to all ceramic reference junctions. A 100 ohm platinum RTD is housed in a 316 SS solution ground near the pH glass electrode assuring fast and accurate temperature compensation. These features combined with the rapid response and stability of the AccuGlass™ pH electrode provide an unsurpassed level of performance in high purity water. VP8 cable assembly works with both VP6 and VP8 sensor connectors.


Rosemount Analytical Connector Cable
Lengths of cable with VP8 sensor connectors
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Rosemount Analytical pH Buffer Solutions
pH buffers for the precision calibration of pH meters


Please consider these optional accessories.

Rosemount Analytical 24193-00 Cal Cup
Rosemount Analytical 9210391 Electrolyte Refill
3200HP electrolyte refill, 500 ml
Rosemount Analytical 99CC Calibration Certificate
One certificate per lot at standard factory ranges only, includes the model, serial and/or tag numbers (does not include actual test data)
Rosemount Analytical Electronic Calibration
Certificate for specific unit, includes model, serial and/or tag numbers, test standards, NIST report numbers, & the actual test data
Rosemount Analytical Certificate of Origin
Original certificate of origin with chamber of commerce stamp

Spare Parts

Rosemount Analytical pH Systems
3200HP pH system with or without panel/VP cable


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