Rosemount Analytical Hx438 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor


Rosemount Analytical

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  • 14 to 284°F (-10 to 140°C) temperature range
  • 59 psig (400 kPa abs, 4 bar) maximum pressure
  • Wetted materials: stainless steel, EDPM
  • PG 13.5 process connections
  • 120mm sensor length
  • Insertion or retractable mounting assembly
  • 22K NTC temperature compensation

The Rosemount Analytical Hx438 dissolved oxygen sensor provides a drift-free signal and maintains its calibration value for up to 50 steam sterilization cycles. It can be used in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, and food processing industries. It uses a 4-pin connection plug for quick disconnection from the cable. It can be used with the insertion or retractable mounting assembly or similar assemblies that are typically used with large scale batch processes that perform SIP cleaning. For smaller batch processes, it can be threaded directly into the top plate and autoclaved if necessary.


Rosemount Analytical 4-pin Connector Cable
Bare Wire, Anlz End, and 16.4ft (5m) length


Please consider these optional accessories.

Rosemount Analytical Assembly Kits
Retraction Assembly or insertion assembly kit, 70mm insertion
Rosemount Analytical 9160483 Weld in Socket
Weld-in socket, 15 degree, G 1 1/4" thread
Rosemount Analytical Service Kit
Service kit for insertion mounting assembly or retractable mounting assembly
Rosemount Analytical 9160487 Sensor Service Kit
Includes three FDA approved membranes, O-rings, polishing tool, and 20ml of electrolyte
Rosemount Analytical 9160489 Electrolyte
Electrolyte, 50 ml bottle
Rosemount Analytical 242000 Connector Cap
Third party labeled connector cap for 4-pin connector for autoclaving, compatible with Hx438-01, formerly part number 9160490
Rosemount Analytical 99CC Calibration Certificate
One certificate per lot at standard factory ranges only, includes the model, serial and/or tag numbers (does not include actual test data)
Rosemount Analytical Electronic Calibration
Certificate for specific unit, includes model, serial and/or tag numbers, test standards, NIST report numbers, & the actual test data


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