• Explosion-proof, class 1, division/zone 1 approved
  • 2nd generation infrared optical sensor technology
  • Operating temperature range -40 to 167°F (-40 to 75°C)
  • 4-20mA analog & relay output configurations
  • Remote sensor separation: 600m (2000ft)
  • Variety of duct mount assemblies
  • Intiutive menu system
  • Field adjustable sensitivity settings
  • Not affected by high volume air velocity
  • Multi-language, bright scrolling LED display

The Rosemount Millennium APM & Oil Mist Detector (formerly branded Net Safety) is the industry's only infrared optical monitor that is certified for use in hazardous areas for constant, reliable monitoring of ambient air for products of combustion such as smoke, oil mist, carbon, dust and ash.

This unique product is the ONLY detector of it's kind that's certified explosion proof — ideally suited for a wide variety of industrial applications. Proven installed base includes Class 1, Division 1 areas requiring accurate air particle monitoring such as air ducts, battery rooms, engine rooms, compressor stations, offshore living quarters and HVAC air intake points, to name just a few.

The advanced sensor technology has several key performance features: it utilizes a powerful, single-beam IR lamp with no mirrors to ever become contaminated — sensor performance is not effected by high volume air velocity — it's field adjustable zero level of obscuration and multiple sensitivity settings allows for fine tuning within specific application conditions to optimize performance and eliminate false alarms — and it comes available with multiple installation options to suit any application.

The Millennium Series controller is an innovative line of explosion-proof industrial detectors. It's microcontroller provides fast, accurate and continuous monitoring in hazardous area environments. The 4-20 analog signal and Form ‘C' mechanical relays easily integrate into industrial safety systems. The compact controller with power disconnect switch simplifies maintenance, a scrolling LED simplifies calibration and configuration, meter jacks for easy current loop monitoring and optical self-test. The industrial micro-controller based circuits are conformally coated for mold and humidity protection.

Applications include:

  • Gas Compressor Stations
  • FSPO/Tanker Hull Chambers
  • Gas Turbine Engine Enclosures
  • Marine Battery Rooms
  • Engine Rooms
  • Duct Monitoring
  • Chemical Storage
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • HVAC Systems