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  • Thermal sensitivity: 50mk
  • Temperature range: up to 662°F
  • Refresh rate: 33Hz
  • Built in digital visual camera
  • 32° x 23° / 7" min. focus lens
  • TwinPix (visual & IR image blending)
  • Solar mode
  • ±2% of reading accuracy
  • IRSoft analysis & report software
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The Testo 875i-1 Thermal Imager Kit features a 32° x 23° high-quality, standard lens and a temperature sensitivity of 50mK. The NETD indicates the smallest possible temperature difference that can be resolved by the imager. The Testo 875i-1 thermal imager has a temperature measurement range up to 622°F, refresh rate of 33 Hz, and manual focus. The 875i-1 provides a large 3.5" LCD screen and an accuracy of ±2% of the reading.

Ships complete with:

  • Thermal imager with integrated digital camera
  • Hard shell case
  • SD memory card
  • USB cable
  • Software
  • Power supply