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  • Single or dual input analyzer
  • 4 analog inputs
  • 4 programmable alarm relays
  • HART® digital communications
  • Stores thirty days of data for output on USB 2.0 memory stick
  • Polycarbonate NEMA 4X/CSA 4X IP66
  • Accepts 1/2” or PG 13.5 conduit fittings
  • Large color LCD 3.75 x 2.2in (95.3 x 55.9mm)
  • 9 languages
  • Current output accuracy: ±0.05 mA @25°C


The Rosemount Analytical T56 Clarity II Turbidimeter is intended for the determination of turbidity in water. Low stray light, high stability, efficient bubble rejection, and a display resolution of 0.001 NTU make Clarity II ideal for monitoring the turbidity of filtered drinking water. Clarity II is also suitable for applications other than drinking water treatment including monitoring of filtered water discharges, condensate returns, and clarifiers.

The Clarity II turbidimeter consists of an analyzer, with either one or two signal input boards, sensor(s), and a debubbler/measuring chamber and cable for each sensor. The cable plugs into the sensor and the analyzer, making setup fast and easy. Sensors can be located as far as 50 ft (15.2 m) away from the analyzer.

The Clarity II turbidimeter incorporates the easy-to-use 56 intelligent analyzer. Menu screens and prompts are so intuitive on the large LCD display that a manual is practically not needed. 4-20mA analog outputs are fully scalable. Every unit includes four alarm relays with interval timer functions. Alarms are fully programmable for high/low logic and dead band.

Clarity II is available in an optional configuration in which the analyzer, sensor(s), and debubbling flow cell(s) are mounted on a single back plate. The sensor cables are pre-wired to the analyzer, so setup is exceptionally fast and easy. All the user does is mount the unit on a wall, bring in power and sample, and provide a drain. To order this option, consult the factory.




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