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  • Humidity module
  • 50:1 long distance optics
  • 4-point laser shows the exact measuring area for
  • Accuracy up to 1% of reading
  • High temperature range up to 1112°F
  • 0.10 to 1.00 (steps 0.01) emissivity
  • Emissivity charts for accurate surface measurements
  • Contact, type K thermocouople input and wide selection of probe choices
  • Simple joystick operation and easy navigation icons
  • Memory and software for data management and analysis
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The Testo 835-H1 Infrared Thermometer is one of the most flexible and versatile IR thermometers in its class. It is extremely useful for monitoring the temperature of smaller or moving objects. It can easily access difficult to reach locations and help you measure extremely hot material at a safe distance. In addition, you can measure various different surfaces (i.e. metal, glass, ceramics) up to 2700 °F with just the press of button without adjusting or re-calibrating. Point, shoot, measure!

Applications include:

  • Plant and facility maintenance
  • Monitoring electrical and mechanical components
  • Checking air conditioning and heating equipment
  • Practicing manufacturing and quality control
  • Anywhere highly accurate temperature measurements are required