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  • ±0.25% FS high accuracy
  • NEMA 4/ IP65and NEMA 6/IP68 rated
  • 3:1 range turndown
  • Fast 5ms response
  • Long-term service exceeding 10 million cycles
  • Meets CE conformance standards
  • Long-term stability 0.25% FS/1 year

The Setra 550 Low Pressure Transducer features 3:1 range turndown for field adjustment from 110% to 32% of the nominal pressure range, making this unit well suited to applications that are subject to overpressure. Adjustment is made via the switch and potentiometer conveniently located on the top of the transducer housing.

Utilizing capacitance technology, the Model 550 is designed to measure pressures as low as 10 in. W.C up to 400 in. W.C. (1 psi up to 15 psi) and features a wide selection of current or voltage outputs with 0.25% full scale accuracy.

The Model 550 is packaged in a rugged 316 stainless steel housing for use in general purpose and submersible applications. A male or female threaded pressure fitting is offered for general purpose applications, and an open face style with a KF25 flange is offered for submersible applications. This open face architecture keeps the internal bore of the transmitter as large as possible, making this unit well-suited to waste water and viscous fluid applications. A triple sealed cable assembly assures that water cannot penetrate the sensor or electronic enclosure, even if the sheath sustains damage during use.

The capacitive sensor is constructed of an electrically isolated stainless steel electrode and a ceramic diaphragm, mounted closely and in parallel to each other. The diaphragm is capable of slight flexing under applied pressure. A minute change in applied pressure alters the gap between the electrode and diaphragm. This change is detected by a custom designed ASIC, amplified, and converted to high-level linear output signal that is proportional to applied pressure.

The Model 550 circuit is RFI/lightning protected, virtually eliminating costly field replacement.

This unit offers high performance, exceptional long-term service and stable operation, yet is a cost-effective choice for the most demanding applications.

Applications include:

  • Tank level
  • Reseroir level
  • River level
  • Hydro-power
  • Open channel flow
  • Flood warning
  • Process
  • Waste water
  • Clean room

This product can be used in the following applications: