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  • 2-wire loop-powered level meter for liquids and solids
  • For general-purpose use (non-hazardous areas)
  • Measuring range up to 65.6ft (liquids) & 32.8ft (solids)
  • Easy menu navigation without opening the housing
  • Stainless steel probes and process connections
  • For process temperatures up to 210°F (100°C)
  • For pressures up to 232 psig (16 barg)
  • Display in 9 languages
    • Including Chinese, Japanese & Russian


The KROHNE OPTIFLEX 1100 C Level Meter is a 2-wire TDR level meter for measuring distance, level, volume and mass of liquids and solids. Designed specifically for OEMs, it has a simple, compact design that allows service technicians to quickly assemble the probe and attach it to a threaded connection. It is an affordable solution for applications that do not require a high level of accuracy and is also an excellent alternative to traditional level controls such as RF Capacitance, conductive and DP transmitters.

Three most popular models include:

  • VF2541352100
  • VF2541652100
  • VF2541352210

Industries include:

  • O.E.M. equipment
  • Machine & skid assembly
  • Tank & silo building
  • Water & wastewater
  • Pulp & paper
  • Agriculture
  • Chemical
  • Automotive
  • Food & beverage

Applications include:

  • Level measurement in buffer tanks, collectors and simple process applications
  • Silo level monitoring in quarrying and agriculture
  • Volume measurement for storage tanks (with a 30-point strapping table)


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Hot Water Level Measurement in an Unvented Tank

The Background: The customer is a piping fabricator working on a project that requires continuous level measurement inside a hot water tank.

The Problem: The tank is not vented so the hot water results in a build-up of pressure and water vapor which prevents the use of pressure sensors or ultrasonic sensors to measure the level.

The Solution: Guided wave radar is unaffected by tank pressure or vapor presence and works well in these difficult conditions. The Krohne Optiflex 1100C level meter delivers high performance at a price similar to pressure or ultrasonic level technologies. Additionally, the Optiflex 1100C is field configurable to the customer’s specific application making it a universal level solution and easy to deploy in a single configuration for multiple measurement points.