Honeywell SS4 Fire Sentry Detectors
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  • Multi-Spectrum senses UV, visible, & wide band infrared
  • Built-in test for optical “through the lens” testing
  • False alarm immunity
  • Detects hydrocarbon and nonhydrocarbon based fires
  • Wide field-of-view and solar-blind
  • Adjustable detector sensitivity
  • Microprocessor based algorithms:
    • FirePic
    • Snapshot
    • Tri-Mode Plot
  • Wide temperature range of operation
  • Compatible with standard approved fire alarm panels
  • Explosion-proof housing
  • Time programmable alarm verification

The Honeywell SS4 Fire Sentry Detectors are electro-optical digital fire and flame detectors that represent leading edge UV and UV/IR technology. To eliminate common nuisance false alarms that occasionally occur with UV-only, IR-only, Dual IR or Dual Mode UV/IR detectors, the Fire Sentry SS4 detectors' FireLogic signal processing requires that UV, visible and Wide Band IR radiant energy all be evaluated before declaring a fire. The smart detector utilizes real-time signal processing algorithms that are optimized to alarm on all types of fires, while virtually eliminating the possibility of false alarms.

The Fire Sentry SS4 processes UV, IR and Visible (VIS) spectral ranges from ruggedized solar-blind UV, "Quantum-Effect" IR and VIS sensors correspondingly. It is optimized for detection of hydrogen, ethanol, methanol and methane (natural gas) fires and like the other detectors in its family, it responds to Type A, B and C flaming fires.

Applications for the SS4 include:

  • Petrochemical Facilities and Refineries
  • Co-Generation Plants
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Silane and Hydrogen Gas Storage
  • Gas Turbines & Power Plants
  • Gas Compressor Stations
  • Warehouses
Honeywell SH-001 Sunshield
Sunshield for SS2, SS4 & FS24X detectors, 316 stainless steel