• Distance to spot ratio 10:1
  • Temperatures range: 0 to 716°F (-18°C to 380°C )
  • Laser pointer for accurate targeting
  • ±2% accuracy
  • MIN/MAX Memory
  • 8 seconds auto display hold for easy read-out
  • Adjustable emissivity for measuring a variety of materials
  • Dual LCD display with backlight
  • Selectable ˚F and ˚C
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The Amprobe IR-710 Infrared Thermometer is a high performance diagnostic tool designed for HVAC/R, electrical, industrial maintenance, automotive as well as quality control and fire prevention applications.

The IR-710 features:

  • 10:1 Distance to Spot Ratio
  • Temperature range of 0 to 716°F(-18 to 380°C)
  • Accuracy: ±2%
  • Precision accuracy and rapid response time
  • Laser pointer, backlit dual LCD Display
  • Auto display hold and MAX/MIN memory
  • Ships with battery and instruction manual